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nature is very efficient and efficiency reduces impact on environment

sadly very very true.

This is awesome! It indeed could cut the mustard. Last little problem is that i need cell like structures i can refer to as neighborhoods and houses the network is used as street network. Or any other impressive way to create a naturally grown street network :sweat_smile:
Maybe its time to up the reward to a bottle of Elit :grin:

P.S: This is my holy grail, an network that looks like this (from here):

Er … hmm … what about a neighborhood in the name of Me? (think about it > coolest thing ever or what?).

Function is dead long live the Form … blah, blah.

And what about this? A Hamiltonian (LOL) path in the neighborhood of corruption (Planet RedBull next to Planet FIA) . As you may (?) know (?) a fast Hamiltonian path (in a given 2d/3d Graph) is one of the most challenging tasks known to man.

Moral: Forza Lewis (only 3 rounds left)

Well … found 30 minutes for a basic guideline (NOT following that js [for no reason chaotic - so why bother?]). Some more 30 m are required … but this w/e IS THE W/E (Qatar) … and well … is Sturm who’s writing the code (he’s more or less expert - cross fingers).

This is the core of the matter (incomplete: Sturm is a bit bored):

I hear you: where’s the results you idiot? Well don’t ask me (ask Sturm).

BTW: In order to get regions from a closed venation option you need Graph Closed Circuit Detection … a thing that is strictly internal - so don’t expect a C# that does that.

Sorry for the late reply Peter, I am currently abroad and internet connections are sparse. Thank you very much for looking into this even further, your guideline and post a super interesting and helpful! :pray:t2: You also seem to have very cool topics and definitions going on there internally, you are not by any chance looking for internships? :innocent:

Jokes aside, would you mind maybe posting the definition so that i can see how you did that? If not is there a way you would be willing to share this ? Thanks again, greetings, Martin

P.S.: now lewis is in striking distance :smiling_imp:

All what we need is a DNF for that idiot (it could happen in Qatar - a blown tire for instance - but he’s lucky). Plus: It’s amazing how pathetic is Bottas (Toto … are you in the RB pay list as well? If not why haven’t sign George mid season ???)

Anyway get what Sturm did (he refused to implement the closed option > said that is useless without the closed primary cirquits detection). (273.4 KB)

But results are slow AND pathetic (if we follow the rnd auxin pts placement approach as exposed in the known PDF).

Hahaha, with a little bit of :four_leaf_clover: we will get there :muscle:t2::+1:t2:

Ahh thats a shame right there, it might be useless without the circuit detection, thing is &Drang absolutely needs closed version in order for a city layout to look like like a city and not like … well as you would probably put it: a stupid nature leaf :sweat_smile: and who knows maybe I could figure out some sort of circuit detection myself from there.
BTW lovely fella Sturm :smirk:
Anyhow as soon as I‘m back I‘ll check Sturms definition and maybe I can incorporate the closed version in that much nicer definition than the chaotic js :pray:t2: Thanks for posting, I learning with every new line of code I get to see from you :sunglasses: Cheers, thanksfor sharing!

Sturm says: that’s very easy or impossible depending … well … you know what.

BTW: Given a Graph (general case: Curves) , the V, E Lists and the VV, EV connectivity … mastermind some sort or recursion that can cut the mustard (i.e. working SOLELY on connectivity Trees [real-time since they are int Types]).

BTW: Sharpen your skills as follows: given a Graph and using only the VV Tree can you find the islands?

May the Force (the Dark option) be with you.

Sturm says: why design a neighborhood that looks like a leaf from above? Is any rational reason for that around? (None, that is). What about to cover the whole Planet with just one Mega City and be a happy bunny? (The Final Goal, that is). What about free lobotomy for all? (Sooner or later).

Sturm’s solution/salvation: Get real, time flies, do the following:

Using a Crv that looks like a leaf (LOL) do some Vor stuff inside the boundary (I hate Voronoi things like my sins, I confess):

Using the Vor polylines do the V, VV (List, Tree) and use the C# that you have already in order to create the “roads” (in fact tubes not connected each other > call Elon Musk and having zillions on hand ask for His Assistance [Hyper Loop etc etc])

Then just press the red button and get suitable for our Times towers (without windows: who needs them?). Plus get some “indicative” green areas for historical purposes (but why bother with these?):

Thats actually an interesting thought, unfortunately I am a perfectionist and goal of the whole exercise is to analyze the street network in terms of performance. I somehow suspect that a street network could be as efficient in circulation as a leaf a.k.a. nature in distributing its growth hormones and nutrients across the leaf. Thats why I’d like to achieve closed venation in order to test it against stupid grid networks or even dreadfull voronoi (i am deeply appalled by voronoi).

But I am really curious about your def, I can only check it tuesday when i‘ll be on front of a computer again, I hope its a further piece of the puzzle and eventually I will pull it off, just a matter of time :sweat_smile:

Looking at the state of this planet probably already happened :face_with_monocle:

NOT AT ALL: a street network is a very complex thing. In fact it should derive from an optimization of many params (among them: dollars, dollars and dollars) none of them is “compatible” with what Nature does. Think for instance infrastructure (and the tubes in Elon’s rat like transportation nightmare). Think also that whatever humans do (since the dawn of Time) is against Nature (and the Planet).

Note: the more you buy that sort of bait (mimic Nature, get Nature’s “ways” - and pigs do fly - and be a happy bunny) the more you contribute into the colossal fraud that heppens these days: kinda like self-driving (Level 5) e-cars … that … well … you can imagine why they are so heavily promoted.

Moral: is always too late.

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Well as Einstein put it: ‚Everyone knew it was impossible, until a fool who didn’t know came along and did it.‘

I don‘t really get your point, I think to coexist with nature on this planet we need to understand nature‘s language and learn from that. Nature is like an engineering concept that has refined itself through evolution over and over again and thus way more advanced than what our short lived modern society has come up with. Grids for instance like in NY. Not only that it looks boring, its bad for orientation and wastes space, it also lacks imagination. Furthermore this is only a research project and research is the foundation of evolution, so from my point of view nothing speak against it :+1:t2::wink: In the wort case its a nice screensaver :rofl:

Well … first things first: what about something to boost spirits (hard to find it these days I confess - NOT the same as Stoli Hot) ?

Other than that: my point is that humans can’t coexist with Nature (because humans are just an EcoSystem virus: destroys everything as it “evolves” etc etc). On the other hand until the End of Days for Eco reasons … well … the big thing is how to keep humans happy as bunnies (or at least in a minimum reaction state [that’s lobotomy in plain English]). The classic tool for that is hope (that dies last). A promise for respecting Nature yields a big hope mind (or fixing things, or reversing things, or working for some better future etc etc).

That means that the “smart” fellas (the ones that “push the envelope”, “do the progress”, “exploit new frontiers”, “steer the boat”, “take care of you” … blah, blah) can continue doing their thing while the rest are more or less dormant: because - metaphorically - they live in a neighborhood that looks like a leaf (and that’s certainly a concrete proof that things are going to be better).

BTW: the other issue with humans is evolution (the less the better).

Moral: CATCH 22

Uh that looks tempting. How does it taste compared to elit? I don‘t know why but elit has some kind of euphoric effect on me like no other wodka had before, its the weirdest thing.

Very interesting point of view. I do agree mostly. I am not sure about the coexisting with nature, I think that should be possible (although maybe after a near extinction with less people around). Regarding smart fellas and happy bunnies, totally agree. Smart people have constructed a fun zoo for the rest of us to keep us busy and off the streets. Its like a ‚fun‘ hamster wheel, with politics to give you the impression one can contribute, games like in the ancient rome to keep everyone busy so they don‘t start to think and make trouble. Thats where they want us to secure their power and wealth.

Meanwhile on topic, how about I find you one of these stolis and you help me do that stupid closed pattern? Sounds like a plan ? :star_struck: Cheers

Hope dies last: When the hot cake arrives AND If Lewis gets what he deserves (forza Lewis) I’ll ask Sturm to deliver the goods.

Hope dies first: The closed cirquit detection thingy is strictly internal - as anything that implicitly or explicitly matters in real life.

A new hope: since this is the future (for all) what about writing a proper urban C# (*) - purely InTheNameOfScience?

(*) In fact … half the work is done already:

Moral: nothing.

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Cool stuff :sunglasses:

No worries there, I only need the closed networks to be created, detection is not really needed for my purpose, or at least i can live with a workaround :wink:

Fair enough, I like a good game :smirk: Well why don‘t you drop me a PM where the goods should go and consider them on the way :wink: Regarding Lewis, he will get what he wants and deserves :muscle:t2:

Cheers :tumbler_glass:

Cross fingers: he’ll use the Brazil rocket engine (not sure if the Saudi track is comparable to Interlagos mind - to me looks kinda a fast Monaco/Mondreal). In the mean time, proper procedures are under way:

seems to be working for the qualifying at least :smiley:

They work all the way: G.O.A.T. delivered (but race was a colossal joke).

But the toxic trio (Marko, Horner and his father) have transformed F1 into an arena (Roman style and the likes). Plus dormant AMG plus total corruption plus FIA plus this plus that (Stefano: better go back to Lambo before is tooooo late: your reputation drops like a stone).

The fact that “fans” don’t react (they in fact enjoying the “show”) makes the soap opera even better. Like all contemporary things around you.

Anyway: get the attached and try to address the 5 big challenges (only for the brave - most notably N5): (127.1 KB)

BTW: The tri/quad regions thing when extended yields the Holly Grail (closed cirquits et all):

BTW: Sturm reports that the closed venation for urban matters is the art of pointless: in a leaf the Voronoi “like” regions with tiny sides are OK … but in a neighbourhood (and any rational engineering task, in fact) … well … they are like stewards/race control in F1: totally out of place (and reason). Not to mention the edge angles, min areas (meaning an on the fly closed cirquit detection) and various other things.

BTW: Closed cirquits (based on VV) is in fact a backtracing thingy: requires a help class to monitor the List of anchestors of a given new node … where when a bridge is found the pair or the nodes involved become new anchestors (so when going back … blah, blah).

Moral: loooooong is the path (and hilly)