Retrieve Plane of RigidBody after Simulation / Problem with attaching Points to RigidBody

Hey Daniel,

I’m using the RigidBody componant to balance some geometry. For some reason I am not able to attache Points to the RigidBody without crashing the the system.

I thought the “points” Input at the RigidBody Componant is for Points which follow the RigidBody during the Iterations whithout influencing the system? Am I wrong?

Working RigidBody without attached Points

Same System with attached Points is crashing

Thank you in advanced!

Hi Kaspar,

The Points input of the Rigid Body component will create points which maintain their positions relative to the frame of the body - they also have a mass though, so they will affect the movement.
It looks like I should make it so that there is a way to retrieve the plane of a rigid body after simulation. I’ll include this in the next release, but I’ll also try and make a scripted version to use in the meantime.

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Here’s a way of doing this for now - a dummy goal which just lets you retrieve its plane in the output, allowing you to have points which maintain their orientation relative to this, yet don’t affect the simulation.
You’ll need to set the assembly reference location for the scripted bit - If you are using Rhino6 this will be something like
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components
or if you are using 5 it will be


Hey Daniel,

yes, retrieving the plane of a RigidBody after the Simulation would be really useful to have in the new release.
EDIT: Maybe a List of all Transformations of the Rigid Body during the Simulation would be nice as well.

Your linked script works perfect, thank you!