Retrieve path for material mappings

Hello, I’m using basic functionality to map image files to geometry in Rhino. My problem is when I want to use a different computer and move the whole project folder to this computer, paths for the mappings are lost. Is there any way to retrieve those paths without re-assign all maps one by one?



There is no way to retrieve image file paths. However, the scheme below should be easier to use.

Currently, if your image files are in the same directory as your model, Rhino will find them by name when you move the model and image files to another directory or computer.

Starting with the next WIP release, Rhino will find image files by name if they are in the same directory or any subdirectory of your model. This will let you collect your image files into a directory and not clutter the directory containing your model.

This scheme also works when moving image files and models between OS X and Windows.


OK thanks, I will wait for the next release before trying to move the project.