Retrieve objects from named selection


I would use surfaces and edges from a named selection of my active Rhino file… Is there a way to retrieve them as input into my def?

Thank you

Hi @antoine,

I’ve never heard of named selection sets in Rhino! Is it even possible to save selections?

You can set objects by name with the Pipeline (Geometry Pipeline) component, if they have the same object name.

I haven’t tested that as well, @pascal was using that term a lot, perhaps he can explain.

Hi - you can in Rhino 7.

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Good to know!


regarding named selections it is a new panel and function in v7… very useful, and yes i already know pipeline function but not yet know if it exist to retrieve a list of named selection…

That seems like a handy thing I support this suggestion, though I fear it’ll have to wait for GH2.