Retrieve items which made up an addition

Hi all,

I have 3 surfaces from which I have extracted the areas and cross referenced them to generate a few values. From there I have extracted a few values which are smaller than x. I would like to know, how can I retrieve back the areas which made up each added value which is smaller than x?

For example, the value y=a+b; I would like to retrieve a and b and move them. Ditto if y=b+b.

I have uploaded my Rhino and GH files here :
surface value.3dm (158.6 KB)
surface (8.4 KB)

Many thanks for your help!

This might be what you want. There’s probably a cleaner way to do it:

In the future you can internalize your data like this, so you don’t need to upload a 3dm file:

surface (12.2 KB)

Thanks Sean, the two separate lists are what I want, and the next step is to retrieve back the surfaces which made up those values. Any ideas?

Thanks for the extra tip too.

Just connect the surfaces to the List input of dispatch.

Thank you!

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