Retrieve information failed to recognize tree output

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get the information (access, name, etc.) of the inputs and outputs of C# component. Thanks to Mahdiyar’s kind help in “Retrieve information about the input and output parameter access types” I got some idea.

Howerver… the input access is perfect, but it seems that all the tree output will be recognized as item access, I don’t why…

Does anyone can help me to solve it? Thanks.

 foreach (var outputParam in comp.Params.Output)
          outputNames.Add(outputParam.Name, pth);
          outputAccesses.Add(outputParam.Access + "", pth);
          outputTypes.Add(outputParam.TypeName + "", pth);

c52196e3cb80caffb8005fa1587cb46079346b3e_2_433x500Retrieve (4.3 KB)

Have you found a solution?