Retrieve image pixel size in GH from file path?

I’ve looked it out, honest ! But I found no way to get an image size.
The “read file” component (pac-man ghost) is quite slow and allows to access the EXIF data, which to my surprise doesn’t even contain the X and Y pixel size in readable numbers !

This is mostly for use with the image sampler, to size the input array of points in accordance with the image size without having to go back and forth in it’s interface to check the resolution, after an image change.
By the way, it’s a real bummer that the sampler doesn’t expose all it’s inputs ; in particular the file path.
I hope the GH2 image sampler is more grasshoppery instead of being it’s own little hidden world…

I have zero knowledge of EXIF data…I use this to get image pixels sizes, maybe it’s helpful :slight_smile: (7.8 KB)

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