Retain decimal places when importing number from Bumblebee, Grasshopper to Excel

Hi all, i am using components from Bumblebee to export coordinates from Grasshopper to Excel. Is there any way to retain decimals in Excel? See image below

Excel will strip trailing 0’s from decimal places. You will have to format your cells to keep the decimal places consistent.

If you export your numbers with a single apostrophe, excel will retain your values as plain text, aligning them to left side of cell, but you can still use excel formulas with those cells and they will still works as numbers…
A number like 05.00 , if added a ’ become '05.00 and excel shows it like this:
2020-04-03 19_35_30-Window

@shanel @maje90 thanks for both of your input. I found this article and send the formula from GH to Excel. See image below. Glad this way also work.