Resume animation rendering from a specific frame

Is there a way to resume animation rendering from a specific frame? My PC crashed after rendering half way through. Thanks.

Do you mean the basic animation in Rhino or with Bongo? For the former I doubt there’s any simple way, with Bongo you can turn off “overwrite existing files” and it will resume where it left off.

Thank you for the replay. I am doing the basic animation in Rhino.

This is why I never render to a video file. Ack, crashes make you start over.

Instead, render to a sequence of numbered still frames. Its super easy to resume anywhere… and you also have stills that can be used to pause your animation at any frame easily.

Hi Doelay - did you see the McNeel crash dump reporter system kick in when it crashed? If so, did you send it in, with the file? Always send these in if the reporting system gives you the opportunity, it helps us track down the crash and, one hopes, fix it.



Thank you for your input. Actually, I did render in a sequence of still frames which is about 400 frames. Now i need to start from the frame number 254. how can it be done?

Thanks for the advice. I deleted the crash dump. Next time i will send it