Restricting form (16.3 KB)

I want to create brick pattern along curve, but prevent bricks from crossing the curve, that is, restrict all bricks to the interior of boundary curve.

You are rotating your geometry counter-clockwise (positive values for angle). Since your rotations are done from the right to the left on this curve you probably should rotate clock-wise: negate your angles before plugging into the rotate axis component.

I used Point List component to visualize the order of the points on your divided curve.

Naturally, if you want the bricks to stay completely on the lower side of the curve you’ll have to create the rectangles with say the top-left corner on the point instead of the bottom left corner.

If that what you want you can use Curve Array, or Derivatives of the curve

unnamed (1).gh (14.6 KB)

actually the curve is the building boundary, all brick need to be on the other side of line of what you have done (no part of brick must stick out
I am attaching a script of the brick wall pattern i intend to use, but a (24.9 KB)
lot of parts of brick course is sticking out beyond the curve(boundary)