Restricting drawing of geometry to only YZ plane


I am trying to trace a previous geometry - drawing circles and other polygons at certain locations. However, all these shapes that I am drawing have to be at X = 0 where Y and Z position can change.

Say if I am drawing a circle in Rhino, how do I constraint it so that it gets fixed at X=0 where Y, Z positions can be changed.

Or perhaps after drawing, how do I move it at X=0, while keeping Y and Z as the same values.

If you draw in the Right viewport, and don’t do anything special to pull the circle center off the viewport CPlane, it will be a X=0

If the circle is not at X=0, you can use the SetPt command to move the Circle Center to CPlane 0

Well. Thanks.

After drawing, what’s the easiest way to look at the point where the geometry was drawn? In my case for eg. a circle, how do I look at the XYZ center position of the circle?

If you mean to get a coordinate listing of the circle’s details, select the circle and in the Properties Panel, click the Details button.

Clearly you are new to Rhino. Do yourself a favor and instead of bashing about, go through the the tutorials in the User’s Guide… It can be found on the Learn page on the Rhino Web site.