Restore Title View

Hi, I think it would be good to add a 'RestoreTitleView. command.
It would restore the current viewport title view, if found in the NamedViews list (or even generic Top, Font, etc.)

Currently after modifying the original view angle we constantly need to restore it to evaluate the scene from the correct angle. That command would come handy as button/alias to quickly get back to original view without hard-coding the view names is macros, buttons etc.

It is scriptable now but seems like an essential need in core Rhino.



Hi @stevebaer - I wrote a script that does the above and making it a part of the toolset plugin we are using.
This is another example where the compiler problem getting in the way of workflow - we’d like to use the script often while being in-command. The ‘new’ compiler (not that new anymore, and the problem is getting old) does not allow the plugin commands to run inside running commands. This used to work with old compilers (Monkey). Could you guys finally fix it?
A lot of scripted tools that are compiled are much less usable because of it. This one is a very good example.
@DavidRutten, @dale - anyone help please ?



Hi Jarek - just so you don’t feel completely abandoned - there is at least some discussion ‘on the side’ on this…


Hi Pascal, thanks, and yes, I do feel quite abandoned on this one…(if you are talking about the compiler fix, not the command idea). It effectively discourages me from publishing any new scripted plugin tools.

As for the topic command : If anyone is interested, here is a script that for now takes care of the original idea of RestoreTitleView. Save on your HD and drag-and-drop. Then RestoreTitleView alias will be added.

Over here I have it set as Ctrl+Q shortcut as RestoreTitleView to quickly get back to saved view and then have Ctrl+Shift+Q as _UndoView to get back to where I was if needed. Can’t believe I did not come up with it earlier it is so handy…and that Rhino does not have it built-in by now. It also somehow addresses the issue many novice Rhino users struggle with where the title of the view is not the actual view that is saved…

RestoreTitleView.rvb (908 Bytes)

I looked around on YT to find the bug report on this one but I couldn’t find it. I must be looking in the wrong place because this has come up so many times before.
Just to make sure it’s there, I’ve made a new issue: RH-38817.