Restore CPlane in Perspective view

When I select objects in perspective view, the cplane is off. However, when I select it in plan view it is straight. How can I fix this?

Hi Rania - I’m not sure what you mean. If it’s the position of the gumball that you are looking at, have you tried to reset it (GumballReset)?

no, it happens when i use the command move as well…Anything that involves displacement, it won’t move in a straight line … this only happens in perspective view.

Hello - I am also not clear what you are describing - this

is the ‘CPlane’ (construction plane)

and this thing


is the ‘Gumball’. The two are related but not the same.

When in a command, like Move, the Gumball does not exist. So by

what do you mean exactly? Are you expecting things to move relative to the view? Straight up and down or sideways in the viewport? By default all movement is relative the to the current construction plane - that is the same plane, by default, in Top and Perspective, it’s just that the plane is not parallel to the viewing plane in Perspective and it is in Top.


There is also Ortho and SetOrtho. With Ortho on movement is restricted to the angle increments set in OrthoAngle. My recollection is default is 90 degrees which means that movement is restricted to parallel to the CPlane axis.