REST API for uploading Grasshopper definitions


Do you have a REST API, where I can upload a .ghx file and receive a .glb file (or any format to be embedded in a static html page) ?

Our backend API allows you to do that. For now the ghx file will need to be uploaded using the ShapeDiver platform however.
We are about to release SDKs (TypeScript and .NET) which will simplify the process of downloading resulting glTF / glb assets, running computations, and eventually also uploading of new ghx files. Let me know if you are interested in beta tester access.


So just to be clear, you do not have this functionality yet?

I do not really need a SDK. I am just interested, for now, to be able to upload a .ghx file with a POST on an endpoint, and maybe another endpoint to use a GET to just download the result ( glb file).

When this would be possible ?

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I am also interested in being a beta tester for your SDKs

While it’s possible to do what you want using ShapeDiver, it would be a bit of a stretch. ShapeDiver is made to compute lots of solutions per Grasshopper file, every solution resulting in one or more glTFs (glbs). Are you aware of that? Have you used ShapeDiver before?

I will invite you to be a beta tester, such that you can use the new components of our plugin which allow you to output glTF 2.0 assets.