Resolving holes in polysurface after fillet edges

On final task of current project. Thanks to @Joseph_Oster for helping me get this far.

I have now accessed the subset of edges for filleting and everything turned out fairly simple but now I am left with holes on terminations. I have tried cap holes brep etc and searched this forum and youtube but, whilst there have been issued with Rhino/Polysurface in this regard…Im stuck on this one. I have previously done the filleting in inventor which didnt really baulk at any of this but it not procedural and a long way from grasshopper thats for sure :slight_smile:

Picture here

Fillet Edge (174.3 KB)

So this code is identical to what I posted here, with one hidden difference:

Instead of the default of zero for List Item ‘i’ input, you have modified that value to ten without making the change obvious… Not recommended! Better to use a text panel or integer slider.

The “holes on terminations” is a limitation of FilEdge (Fillet Edge). It often fails like that.

By the way, Z value of mid-points is not the only way to select edges. Not that it will help on this fail.

Fillet is the biggest inability of Rhino as a modeler. You are experiencing that right now.

It was simple test and the indices was not important (to me as I have been investigating many of the diff ways of using arguments/operands). It also changed the Z criteria to the actual world Z. The Z value is also implicit but its quick enough to hold the mouse over the operands. The test value is also change a pseudo epsilon as I read about the floating point tolerances for equality but havent gone further to see if gh uses this as default tolerance constant as in other languages.

I do take what you say on board and will make the operands more ‘explicit’ :wink:

Yeah I have used a lot of modelers starting with Real3d and silver on the Amiga in 93…but cant say I have ever experienced a fillet operation opening a solid…even on Archicad which has limited modelling but the fillets generally work. Inventor would fail (prompt) if it couldn’t achieve the fillet without completely fulfilling the operation ie doesnt leave holes

I got that from a youtube instructional…

Hmm well thats leaves it pretty well fizzed. Guess will have to import it back into inventor and manually do it…which is what I think I did previously when testing…not great. This is for bespoke acoustic solutions ie to make the moulds…sometimes hundreds of combinations.

For others, Fusion360 had no issues doing it manually as mentioned

Arguing against good advice is ill-advised. You don’t have to follow it, and I don’t have to be here.

Argument? its good to be sharing and expounding views that may benefit others or be new to ourselves.

If using the inbuilt operands when tracing logic is less effective for examples in gh, I get it…I take your advice and will make it far more explicit for posted examples; I like the mouse over for constants…nice touch in gh…

Thanks again for your advice and wisdom