Resolve small fold on edge of NetworkSrf

I’m currently trying to build a consistent surface using two side surfaces and a bunch of guide curves. NetworkSrf does a good job. But on a specific part of the connection it creates an ever so small fold. Is there a good approach to iron this fold out?

Problem.3dm (954.6 KB)

Hello - I don’t see any fold so far in the network surface itself - there is a crease-like transition to the surface below- is that what you mean?


Yes that is what I mean. Sorry for describing it poorly.

Hello - well, this is the problem with NetworkSrf - it makes a dense surface - lots of control points - so that matching it up for tangency along an edge can be technically correct but look bad since the tangency or curvature points are very close to the edge.

Given the curves you have I’d build this as a Loft and then MatchSrf to the straight surfaces.
problem_PG.3dm (176.6 KB)


Could you please tell me how you created such a clean surface wth loft? I’m getting a garbled mess when I try to loft.

Problem.3dm (1.9 MB)

Woops! Never mind. It works!

Hello - the quick way out is to loft all the curves, then MatchSrf to the linear surfaces to bring the loft into alignment-