Resizing and moving vertical surfaces in one direction

I have many questions that haven’t been fully answered…

You must not transform anything, but do it procedurally. Take the surface of the wall, position a rectangle on it and trim the wall. It will be easier than trying to move and scale a trim on the surface.

Thanks @Dani_Abalde. I am not sure I understand your suggestion though. My wall surface is to remain solid without any openings and I am drawing another surface on top which is my window and it is this window that I need to be able to manipulate. I am building a model for use with Ladybug Tools + Honeybee for energy calcs.


I don’t get it. You’re just asking how to move and scale vertically a surface, with some constrains? :sleeping:

Upload a file with what you want to achieve (at least in a rudimentary way) and your sample geometry.

Sorry for the confusion…but yes, I have a vertical surface and would like to perform two actions:

  1. Extend or shorten the rectangle from the top in one direction only (without changing the baseline height)
  2. Change baseline height (independent of rectangle height change) – shift up or down.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Have you tried anything with Grasshopper?

Instead of drawing rectangular surfaces in Rhino, have you considered using GH for that? Do you realize that anything GH does with referenced rectangles (drawn in Rhino) will leave the original rectangles in place? Do you want to scale the height or set a specific offset distance?

These are questions that haven’t been fully answered in your presentation so far, though they’re not the philosophical questions I was referring to.

@Joseph_Oster the reason I am drawing the windows in Rhino is because I am tracing a CAD/PDF floor plan and it is just much quicker to trace the actual windows than create in grasshopper (at least for now based on my workflow). The reason I’d like to increase the height is because I’d like to create a transfer floor in GH which is typically taller than a typical floor without redrawing, just adjusting window and sill heights to a specific value.

Yes I have been able to achieve some success in GH! I was able to create window frame and shifting window up is actually quite easy. Thanks for your example below.
But increasing the window height from bottom up to a specific height, I am still having trouble with. I am still relatively new to GH and learning everyday, this forum has been very helpful. Thanks for your advice.

If you had posted any code/geometry, my reply would have been better. I’m done now.

You mean Rhino or GH file? Or both?

PLEASE, again, read this. I really mean it.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

@Joseph_Oster thanks for that. Here is a minimal version of what I have so far. I wasn’t able to capture all of the components from your screen shot. Thanks again for your help!! (22.7 KB)

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You’re welcome. Too bad it apparently wasn’t effective at all. What I posted works perfectly.

Is there a way to download it in GH? I am not familiar with some of the components you have and its hard to see the connections.

It’s too bad you waited until the 15th post in this thread before posting your geometry instead of including it in your first post, as recommended in the How to ask effective questions thread. As is so often the case, your GH file reveals issues that I didn’t anticipate or address in my solution. That is why this exchange has been ineffective.

Thanks @Joseph_Oster and lesson learned.

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I found another way changing the window height using extend curves component. Do you see any issues with it?

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I don’t see any GH code file attached (again!)? I see a Line component with no wires attached to its inputs?

Here is the GH code. Surface component is linked to vertical surface.

window (11.8 KB)