"Resilient Skin Code" - AA Visiting School Milano

Resilient Skin Code
AA Visiting School Milano
October 7-18, 2019

Resilient Skin Code, a collaboration between the Architectural Association and Politecnico di Milano, will take place in Milano October 7-18, 2019, in conjunction with the Fall Milan design week.

The school will study new relationships between architecture, fashion design, and resilience, exploring advanced computational skills, and digital fabrication techniques combined with craftsmanship techniques.

Students will create a wearable structure that is also a form of shelter, incorporating a small-scale structure. The aim is to meaningfully contribute to the ongoing discussion about the way we address design and sustainability in the fashion and architectural industries.

The design process will include geometrical explorations, assembly methods and modular systems emerging from both fields.

Students will be introduced to Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, focusing on modeling and parametric design, as well as digital fabrication technologies, specifically 3D printing and robotics.

Diverse handcraft techniques, such as folding, weaving, printing, and wrapping combined with high-resolution digital products, will also be presented.

Students will be introduced to the latest theoretical thinking to complement the research, guided by professionals and academics from the architectural and the fashion worlds.

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