Reset + Step/Nudge Slider

Almost everytime i use a slider I wished it could be nudged, or “stepped” or whatever you would call it. Like holding down ALT (or whatever) and then use arrow keys to nudge the Slider OR to pick on nudge arrows it with the mouse. The slider would change its display when pressing ALT, something like this (the lower slider)

Fig 1. Slider displays “nudge arrows” when holding down spcial key:

Perhaps @DavidRutten already has some other ideas about how to handle this.

Plus a “reset” command for the slider with a corresponding “reset value” property (or “default value”) which also could be triggerd by a “global” reset for en entire definition (components could expose itself for global reset commands, or only allow explicit reset).

Yeah, all this would add some extra complexity and properties but it would make sliders much more useful.

// Rolf


There is any news regarding this subject?
I found something in an old post [ ] but I would be very useful to me to have an option which can be used from Remote Panel.

I found a good solution solution here: Remap Slider with MetaHopper: