So I did a Reset on my French-speaking scheme in Rhino because during a client visit I made some mods to it and I wanted it back to default. Now I realize that it COMPLETELY reset ALL my schemes, French, German, English AND my completely custom workspace that I have spent two solid months building. I have no words for this.

There are no window layouts to restore. There are no settings files anymore. There are no .rui files to load. Nothing. WTF!

It looks like there was an emergency save made - I now have a file 8.0sauvegarde 2024-02-13-09-35-56 that looks like it has some settings files etc. I now have to try and see if I can restore all that stuff. What a …mess


Oh well.

Renaming of the backup folder to 8.0 should do it.
Not sure about schemes in C:\Users\(YOU)\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\8.0\settings
I don’t use any other scheme than default.

Yeah, I actually made a copy of the existing messed up folder first and then did exactly that. That folder included all the old settings for the different schemes. That seems to have fixed it - it even restored all the mods to the French scheme that I was trying to reset. Finally to have just those go back to default I simply deleted the settings files associated with that scheme only and restarted Rhino from that scheme, which recreated the default settings for that scheme only.

Dodged the bullet this time, next time I’ll know better. But I really don’t understand why separate schemes are not ‘sandboxed’ for Reset. Maybe it’s because I’m one of the three people in Rhino world that actually uses schemes.

Wish: _UnReset
Where one can pick a backup folder.