Reset rendering in perspective viewport- rhino 7

I have no clue what I did but my object is not visible in render mode in the perspective view port! Just some lines. I can highlight it and see it in highlight selection but nothing else.
How can I reset it?

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 6.48.17 PM|690x405

Hello - can you post the file or send to with a link back to this topic in your comments?


just sent. thanks for the help

Hello - thanks, it looks fine here so far - does the stuff show in a full render? Can you reset the rendered mode to its defaults in Prefernces > Display modes > Rendered. Any different?


I reset default in all setting and now the view port is in all white.

I closed the program, it crashed right after i shut it off and now it works. I have sent over the crash report to you folks.


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You must be using a different email address here than for your V7 license.
Iā€™m not finding a crash report.