Reset Gumball Orientation from Object


I’m transforming objects with a script, and need the Gumball orientation to be reset.
Is there a way to do that either via a macro or script (python?)

In relation making the above obsolete:
I believe this is wished for before, but I would really like to have the gumball that will always stay
oriented on the World axis indtead of rotating along with the object.
(Or did I miss that?)


Hi Willem- this is a setting in V6. Works nicely. For V5 I think the GumballAlignment command will help, but it looks like you need to switch it twice to reset -

_GumballAlignment _CPlane GumballAlignment _World

to force default world alignment and location… does that help at all?


Hi Pascal,

Yes it helps, I reckon if you don’t no an easier way there is probably none.
Unless you can get me a copy of V6 already