Reset "don’t ask again" in material editor

Oh no!
I clicked the “dont ask me again” checkbox in material editor for deleting materials. Then i accidentaly clicked “no” and now i cant delete any materials!
How do i reset this checkbox?!?

You can reset this in Options…

How many such boxes are there, and what are they? It sounds to me that potentially this solution could be as annoying as the problem if the user has no way of knowing or being reminded of what other boxes he may have checked so he can put them back after this universal fix. But maybe I’m confused. I’ve never changed the default settings on any Rhino “Do not show me” boxes. (That I remember.) Perhaps an improved solution would be to show a list of all DNSMT boxes and their states so that the user could set any (or all) of them as he wishes at any time.

I love you Brian!
Thank you, been looking for that option for atleast an hour…

Help i have the same Problem and i cant see the picture for some reasone not on mobile nor in my pc browser can maybe someone describe it please?

@BrianJ can you post the solution again please, because I can’t see any image? I checked by mistake don’t ask me again in material save as prompt option.


Hi -

The ResetMessageBoxes command should solve that.


Thank you, it worked