Research of digital calculation of building structures in Karamba3D

Hello! This question is mainly composed on the topic of architectural and construction theory and technology, but it would be nice to link programming knowledge to the general reasoning for the appropriate calculation and design of such spatial structures (bus stations).

So, the question first is, how well selected and interconnected are the structural elements in this sectional scheme (it is desirable to get a small written consultation)? And the second question, most likely even a request - please write what articles and information communities I should study in order to further learn how to algorithmically calculate such fluid, plastic structures for tension and strength, as well as perform reasoned generative structural and analytical schemes, such as in Karamba3D?

Understand correctly that I am an interested student in the field of research and development in the specialization of conceptual design theory, but in our educational institution no one talks about such structural systems (such as an exoskeleton or a tubular frame) and for some reason such natural bionic structures and grids are perceived as unimaginably complex and incomprehensible. Thank you in advance for your answer!

Hi @MOHO, You question is slightly confusing, but some suggestions on material that you can refer to can be found on our list of publications which have collected on our website Scientific Publications – Karamba3D. There you can find many resources which you can use to learn more about this field.

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Hello, I have added two images to the review and discussion. Firstly, the sectional explosive scheme was made by me, and secondly, the option of nodal fasteners in spatial frames and rods is proposed. Perhaps you will have any suggestions for optimizing the structural framework of the in a short description (I emphasize that it is just important for me to know your opinion and direction of thoughts)?

I really think that in the project on the scheme, the wrong structural system was chosen to distribute the loads in the nodes and fasteners over the entire surface and in the spacer system

Hi @MOHO, it is difficult to say what is the best structural solution. There are many factors that determine this and a space frame would be a standard solution. However what I can say is that such a detail that you have shown with the custom node connections, although very elegant, would be quite difficult in practise. Generally contractors prefer to have standard connections with the same angles, lengths, number of bolts, etc and not custom joints for each node. Of course there is alot of research into this field, and you can also also look into the research team at SUTD:

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Thank you very much, you have given me great directions for thinking! I really ask you to continue to participate in my questions and discussions, because I am still just a student and I have a lot to learn and a lot to follow.