Rerun command with same arguments

Hi all,

I’m new to writing plugins in C# for Rhino, At the moment I have a functioning script/command which works quite nicely. However, my goal is that whenever the object modifies on which I "called " the command, the command reruns with the same arguments. I tried using the event handler BeforeObjectTransform. Then I found out I was thinking like a fool and now i’m using the ReplaceRhinoObject handler.

What is a good way to call my command or the class that is called from the command class again with the same arguments, e.g. selected geometry, true false values and a double.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @d.hillege,

Generally, commands that remember their previous input values store them on member variables of the class. This way, they recall them and use them for the next go around.

– Dale


Thanks a lot.