Request: Zoom out even wider with scroll wheel

I have a huge definition that I can not zoom out wide enough to see all nodes. “View>Zoom>Zoom Extents” or “View entire document” works but not the mouse wheel. Would be great for the workflow if it did.

Request for featureCheck this out

@jesper i know this is not the one you’re looking for but it will save your time for long definition.
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I feel your pain, but isn’t this like asking for slightly more rounded edges on a red hot poker?

There are numerous issues with giant graphs, and one of them which is unfixable by me is that the display platform used in GH1 (System.Drawing or GDI+ as it is sometimes known) doesn’t like to draw things far from the origin. It gets more and more unreliable and crash prone the further away it has to draw shapes.

Where exactly these limits are depends somewhat on the version of Windows you’re using, so giant files run the risk of working fine on one machine but not on another.

Please consider breaking up huge files into smaller part, either using a nested approach with clusters or a sequential approach with the data input and output components.

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it would cool if the icons stayed visible when you zoom out all the way

Thanks for the great explanation David! Clusters it is then, since I need to have the whole definition going all the time.