Request to share curve dimension chagne plug-in

Hi, I would like to ask you someone to help me for my query.

First, I’m using Rhino 6 currently in Korea.

My question is…

Usually finishing modeling work, I create a pattern using “smash or squish. ”
Then I measure curve using “Length”.

However, if I measure the curve after spreading the surface of the curve, then an error occured
At this time, in order to modify, I’ve been using “extend”.

But sometimes, there processes are very heavy to me. These processes are requested long time work
And I think this work is inefficient.

For this reason, I would like to request a “plug in” which can change curve simply by using “python”.

The functions of the plug in what I would like to receive is as follows.

  • I hope it can be increased or decreased proportionally once I click the curve and enter a value of the needed length.
  • I would like to be able to select the direction (left / center / right)

Is it possible to create such this plug-in? If it is possible, I really appreciate if you create it for us.

Thank you for reading my question and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Hello - here is a plug-in that may help - it has three commands:


Unblock the rhp file in its Properties-

then drag and drop it onto Rhino to add these commands - is that something like what you are looking for?

CurveLengthUtilities.rhp (23 KB)

The individual scripts are here: (4.7 KB) (3.2 KB) (3.3 KB)


Thank you Pascal. It’s very helpful to me. Have a good day :smiley: