Request: Splittable viewport



I made this request in person at Shape to Fabrication a few years back and @DavidRutten said it wasn’t possible in ye olde Grasshopper, but I’m hoping it might find it’s way into GH2: I’d like it to be possible in to split the window into several different viewports showing different areas of the same canvas (or, stretch goal: multiple canvases). I’m thinking of something akin to the way in Excel, Visual Studio etc. you can drag down a little nub above the sidebar to get two different sub-windows that you can scroll independently to view different areas of the same document.

Use case: When I’m working on a definition I typically keep all my inputs stacked neatly on the left-hand side. This means that as my definition gradually grows more and more to the right I have to keep scrolling aaaaallll the way back to the start and then aaaaalllll the way to the end again whenever I want to use their values. If I could instead just split the viewport and have one pane show those input components and the other the part I’m currently working on it would save a lot of unnecessary scrolling/zooming about. Likewise it would make it possible to refer back to other parts of the definition to copy components, check data structures, change parameters, check panel-displayed outputs and so on.

(David Rutten) #2

Yep, would be nice. I logged it under RH-43087.