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That’s just to make you pronounce it in a posh British accent.

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The important thing is not spelling, it’s historical accuracy! :joy:


I installed Rhino 6.3 and was a bit puzzled about the space bar reassignment. I personally really liked having the wheel menu available from the keyboard. Is there a new shortcut (e.g. Ctrl + Space) to replace it or the wheel menu now triggered only via mouse only?

(David Rutten) #33

You can revert to the old behaviour by editing the settings xml file at %appdata%\Grasshopper\grasshopper_kernel.xml. Change this line:

<item name="Canvas:SpaceIsRadial" type_name="gh_bool" type_code="1">false</item>

to this:

<item name="Canvas:SpaceIsRadial" type_name="gh_bool" type_code="1">true</item>

There is no alternate keyboard shortcut at the moment.

(Thomas Evans) #34

Hi David, thanks for the update, any chance to consider this please

(David Rutten) #35

If it concerns the Mac version then @dan is in charge. But note that we have no easy ways of releasing updates of GH for Mac.

Spacebar radial
Where is the useful radial menu in Rhino 6 version (6.3.18090.471, 03/31/2018)?
(David Rutten) #36

There will be in the next Rhino6 release. Ctrl + Space will always show the radial menu, Space is dependent on the xml value.

(Thomas Evans) #37

Thanks for the quick response, my request is for windows, to allow backspace key as delete shortcut.
Rhino already solved this since V5, I’m talking about windows users on a Mac machine.


(David Rutten) #38

Ah right. Get it now.


Superb. Thankyou :wink:

(Thomas Evans) #40

So, this fix could be considered?


I don’t like this new behaviour. I very much prefer the old one where more than one option was available under hitting the space bar (baking!).
How can I get it back? Is is optional?

(David Rutten) #42

Yes you can get it back, see my earlier post in this discussion:

Also note that Ctrl+Space still brings up the radial menu.


Is it possible to bring it as an option in menu without messing in xml file?

(David Rutten) #44



I’m not getting the radial menu by using Ctrl + Space. Is this option removed in the current Rhino 6? The radial menu was one of my favorites…


Ctrl + Middle mouse button brings back the radial menu. I find a new space bar shortcut more efficient on my second thought. I guess I’ll give it a try.


If you wish to use new Ctrl+Space shortcut, install most rescent SR4 Release Candidate…


Thanks Hyungsoo! Good to see you again here.



So that is one thing that I do not see here.