Request: Recover Autosave of multiple Sessions

I often have multiple instances of Rhino running with different files open.

When Windows 8 suspends, in some cases it is unable to recover the Desktop apps. That means, Rhino sessions get forcefully terminated. That is typically no problem for me, because Autosave works anyway and I do tend to manually save my work before suspending the Laptop.

Anyway, if I had several files open, only one will be recovered. More often than not, that file is the essentially unchanged accessory file, I opened to copy things from. The main file will be lost, if I didn’t save correctly.

Would be nice to have Rhino prompt a list of recoverable files instead of just one.

If the Rhino file has been saved once (and thus named) doesn’t Autosave save the file as:
Filename_RhinoAutosave(some number) ?

So one instance shouldn’t overwrite another…


Long time since I actually had a lost file. I do seem to remember having lost AutoSaves that were destroyed after only one was prompted for recovery… but that’s a while back. It might have changed or may be related to unsaved(unnamed) files being overwritten.

As you said, the AutoSave files should exist. But that’s not really the problem. You shouldn’t be expected to dig into hidden system directories in order to recover all possible files. You are only prompted to recover one file, but there are several in the directory. Unrecovered AutoSaves will remain dormant and take up HDD space. Say you handle files of several 100 Megs and this happens a few times…

If you are asked to recover one file, why leave all others?

Okay, my system just crashed with 4 open Rhino instances. Autosaves exist for each session.

Starting Rhino twice gave the chance to recover two of them. The third time Rhino started without a prompt.

I don’t like to start Rhino several times in order to recover all files but I at least it’s there… but then again, all AutoSaves should be recovered.

Hi Hannes - what should the interface for recovering multiple files look like? I can imagine the user might be presented with a list of possible recovery files and an instance of Rhino would be opened for each one selected? Or should the user get to recover one each time Rhino is started until the list is empty? Or should the user simply be informed of the existence and location of autosave files on the splash screen? This last seems the most useful and ‘polite’ to me, off hand.