Request: Paste image as Decals with view projection

Hi All,

I want to automate a process to project sketches over 3D models, a process I saw in Alias and would love to have, at least with an extra step. I think that we may be really close.

What I want is to:

1 - Capture the viewport to the clipboard with a 3D model from an interesting point of view to sketch over.

2 - Paste the image in photoshop or any other sketching software and create a new layer with transparent background, and create the sketch, then copy the layer.

3 - Go back to rhino and paste the drawing, having some objects selected (Rhino should ask to paste as a snapshot) with the projection of the camera.

Is there a way to do this easily?
I could do it by saving first the camera and a work plane for this view. For the base image I used capture to clipboard but it could be saved in disk. Then you need to apply the edited image as snapshot. But would be ideal having the chance to paste the layers directly as snapshots.
Another option would be dragging the image file into the model, but instead of applying the image to the color channel create give the option to create a snapshot.

Any idea?

Here is the process

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Hi All, am I the only one who would like an easier way to apply sketches over the model to explore ideas or review details? I didn’t use decals in the past, but in this case, they look excellent to show different proposals.

Hi all, I would appreciate any attention to this topic,
Apparently my request was not clearly written or maybe it’s me the only one that would love to have this kind of feature.
I think that having the chance to sketch over surfaces would be ideal, but any small feature that could speed up the process of having transparent textures over our models with decals would be great.

Maybe with a script that creates an UV map channels using screen projection, or something simmilar.

I don’t know, it seems something not that difficult to implement, but I’m not a software developer.

i would appreciate an easier way to apply decals either, dragging and dropping a decal onto an object sounds as straight forward as it should be. the current way to apply decals is as goofy as it can get…

what would knock the entire thing out of the ballpark would be of course some way to paint onto objects.


That would indeed be very useful.
Ideally for me it would be a round-trip through Procreate on the iPad…


Hi @laborda ,

I filed this feature request as Thanks!

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could we file a further request for drag and dropping images onto objects inserting it as a decal?

Yes, here’s that one… . Currently a material is created with the texture so this would add a dialog I bet just like if you drag and drop to the viewport now.