Request: named view, 2 restore icons for current and new vport

Now under the “Named View” window, the “Restore” button offers me 2 choices “To current viewport” and “To new floating viewport” which means I have now one more click before changing view.

Would it be possible to have 2 different “Restore” icons, one to restore to current vport and one to restore to new floating vport?

I’m using a lot of named views switching from one another, so it would be more efficient to directly restore to the vport I want.
Thank you

Interesting - I never use the icon since you can just double-click the view name for it to be restored, so I did not see that addition. Probably a good idea with separate icons though - don’t know how often the user wants to restore in a new floating viewport but I guess not too often.


I just added this as a bug report, so that it will be looked at.