Request: MeshPatch - starting polysurface instead of surface

It would be nice if the StartingSurface option of the MeshPatch command would support polysurfaces instead of just simple surfaces.

Hi Menno- it’s hard to see how that would work since the starting surface provides either a plane or a surface structure to the patch surface. How would you use it, as a 3d shape for the patch to shoot for?


It was my understanding that the surface would serve as a “background” for the mesh patch, both in terms of it pulling vertices toward it, and in providing the “real estate” if you will on which a mesh can be created, especially if the patch is not convex.

Hi Menno- sorry - I glossed over the ‘Mesh’ part of meshPatch. @tim, does it make sense to be able to use a polysurface for a starting surface in MeshPatch?


As far as I know it has to be a single surface. The points are pulled to the surface only to get a 2d representation (surface u & v) to pass into the triangulator. They are not used to created the mesh beyond that. The reason a surface is an optional input is you can sometimes get better results if you use a surface that better fits your points than the best plane through the points.