Request: mesh settings script

Hi, I know that saving mesh settings is an old request and I read that you can create scripts to save settings for future use. I don’t know how to create scrips, but may be someone has something to share that I can tweak a little to fit my need or guide me to create simple script that I can associate to a button.
Lately I’m exporting meshes with very different settings for Z-Brush or Modo and having some presets could be greatly appreciated.


you might start with button macros or use the script provided by @Helvetosaur in [this thread] (Python Export obj files - set polygon density variable). You can customize the settings used in the GetOBJSettings function for your needs and save different scripts which you can then put on different buttons.


Thanks @clement and @Helvetosaur, it seems I have what I need now :slightly_smiling:
I opened the .py file in wordpad and copied the script into a button command window, added

! -_RunPythonScript (
Pasted here
I’m not sure if this is the way to do it, but it’s enough for me, I’ll create one ore two more buttons with different settings.