Request: IFC import Material Diffuce color -> Object color

when importing an IFC through VisualARQ, the object material gets transferred nicely as the object’s material. However, it would be good to have the option to have the materials’ diffuse color be set as the object’s color as well. Then I would not have to set to render view, in order to see the color.

I have a script that does this after import, but it (understandably) doesn’t work for block objects. Hence, it would be preferable if these colors could be set during the import process, when the block structure is generated.

Option Explicit

Sub SetObjectColorsFromMaterialColors
' Constants
Const rhColorByLayer = 0
Const rhColorByObject = 1

' Variables
Dim aObjects, sObject
Dim nColor, nSource
Dim sLayer, nMaterial

' Get all objects in the document
aObjects = Rhino.GetObjects("pick objects",,, True)
If Not IsArray(aObjects) Then Exit Sub

' Process each object    
For Each sObject In aObjects
	'get object material color
	nMaterial = Rhino.ObjectMaterialIndex(sObject)
	nColor = Rhino.MaterialColor(nMaterial)
	'assign material color as object color
	Call Rhino.ObjectColor(sObject, nColor) 

' Redraw the document

End Sub

Call SetObjectColorsFromMaterialColors