Request for vray setting file upgrade

I came to this forum to request for help. I just returned to using Rhino and apparently V-Ray settings file and materials presets are not compatible anymore. All I want it to read this v-ray setting file and replicate in modern version. If anyone who still has Rhino V4 and V-Ray 1.49 (not sure). Can you please import visopt file I provide and send screenshots to me. Thanks a lot.


visopt (alongisde vismat) file format is no longer supported.
There are two kind of .visopt/.vismat file formats - a binary and an XML
The binary version was deprecated in V-Ray 3 and completely removed in V-Ray 4. The XML version was deprecated in V-Ray 4 and completely removed in V-Ray 5

If your .visopt is an XML format you can use a standalone conversion tool that will migrate it to the latest version, available here: Misc Tools - V-Ray Tools - Global Site

If your .visopt is a binary format, there is currently no officially supported tool that can do the conversion. If you have an old version of V-Ray for SketchUp (say 3.xx or early 4.xx) there is conversion tool in the installation folder that can be used (officially not supported).
If you don’t - I suggest you upload the file here or send it to me personally and I will try to convert it manually. (13.8 KB)
I’ll try the conversion tool. Thank you for your help. Believe me I tried to search such tool but it never pop up on my search result. These are V-Ray Setting files. Even if you cannot directly convert the file and only manage to read it. Let me know the stats(Information) so I can replicate in modern version. Greatly appreciated.

2 of your .visopt files are XML-based, and one of them is binary. In theory you can just force the AssetEditor to open the .visopt files as if they are .vropt files, and then reexport them to official .vropts.
This will run the same code that is packed in the vrmatmigrate tool I pointer out already.

The binary file “Paramètres de rendu.visopt” is converted to XML-based .visopt:
Paramètres de (3.9 KB)

after extracting the .zip file you can open it the same way as the other 2 files.

Once a XML-based vismat is opened in the AssetEditor it is automatically migrated to the contemporary version. You can now save the settings tab to a .vropt file, and keep using it with the newer versions of V-Ray

Thank you for your help. I tried your tool but when I open the exe file, the screen just flash and nothing comes up. I don’t know how to use that.

it is a command line application. You run it in a command prompt and pass arguments.

Do you know any tutorial online showing how to properly use command line tools? When I type vrmat… -h, cmd says it doesnt reconize.

Thank you. I was searching in google as " Command Line Tool". Now I search as what you says and found a guide and able to use it now. Thanks a bunch.

Not sure what you mean. it works just fine for me

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vismat file can migrate to v-ray 3.6. but not visopt. I think I need to find new settings now.

XML-based .visopt and .vismat are the same as .vropt and .vrmat. The extension was changed only because the users can easily distinguish which is what…
All 4 of them basically the same thing - a plain XML file with the very same schema

so just change the .visopt extension to .vropt and run the tool
I migrated all your files here: (17.0 KB)

As I said you shall not need the tool at all, just force the AssetEditor to load the files instead (having the 3rd file converted to XML). The AssetEditor will run the very same tool to migrate them internally.
You either change the extension of the files to .vropt, or force the Open window to show .visopt files.