Request for some guidance with a reflector generator

I’m trying to create a simple reflector generator that will output a curve that goes through several points. The points need to be controlled by the output angle of the light ray (ray starts at source (0,0), hits first segment of a reflector, mirrors itself over the normal to the curve, and resulting ray angle measurement (angle between ray and -Z axis) is the actual input.

So I can give it an input of say 25 to 55 degrees (outcoming rays), in 20 steps (segments of the reflector, or points on the curve), and it will generate that curve that results in rays traced from 0,0 ending up going to those angles.

I know I need to create the curve somehow and divide it into 20 parts, then have the lines drawn from the angles measured against the z axis, to the points, and back to the source with the angle of incidence on the segment of the curve equal to the angle of exit back to the source. I hope this makes sense. I’ve included an image and gh file to help illustrate. Any guidance is appreciated. (8.1 KB)