Request for PaletteGear plugin

I just found out about (no, I’m not affiliated with them). They make customisable controls for e.g. Photoshop. I’d love it if I could use that in Rhino, as I’m planning on getting it.


First of all :astonished: !!! Those are awesome!

Second: They have a ‘keyboard mode’ to connect it with any app.

Third: if you are willing to do this with Grasshopper, there are plenty of ways to do it. Through Firefly, gHowl, etc. You could use TouchOSC on an android or ios device to create infinite arrangements of controls, and send the data to GH. Here is an installation at the Milan Triennale where we used an arduino to drive a GH Definition. In this case, I scripted the ‘baking’ of the geometry so that we could take advantage of Rhino’s rendered viewport and materials. Any time there was a change, the model was deleted, updated and baked to the document.

Mind blown! Love these!

Pitty it’s only integrated with Adobe CC products (proud MC CS6 owner)…
As per above: the keyboard mode makes these super tempting

I didn’t see the keyboard mode before. That may be an option, although I’m not sure about those dials. As for GH, I’m using Rhino on a Mac…

@Prehabitat: Yeah, I’m on CS5.5 (PP - I envy your MC). Subscriptions are why I switched to Rhino from 3DS, actually. I hope that company doesn’t have some kind of exclusive agreement with Adobe as well.