Request for Features

I’m eager to see how Rhino will be supported on mobile. I work at a machine shop and we use Rhino for our CAD. It would be great to allow machine operators to access 3dm files from their phone to view models.


The models are located on a windows server so I do not think iRhino3d can reach them currently.

Shaded, wireframe, and ghosted views

Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Perspective, etc viewports

Select, hide, show objects

Some sort of file write capability to allow an user to change the file when they start working on a part or finish a part (notes, layer names, access to macros are all viable options)

Support plugin capabilities. Imagine simulating the machine tool on your phone! I recall reading about computational limits to meshing in the RhinoMobile article. But is something like this technically possible at the moment? Could the phone update the view that quickly?

…if not

Viewing animations in the mobile version (and better support for animations generally)

Just a few requests :wink: Like I said, I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. Having to purchase mobile licenses would be just fine for these kinds of features. I’m also a developer and hope to get time to look into RhinoMobile soon. I’m wondering if all this is capable in a custom plugin. A McNeel solution which offers this is much better though.