Request for feature

Making big and complex definitions is my problem.
I am quite clean , I add comments and all sort of stuff to remember what things do but:
When You have a large script You tend to zoom out and in to go at specific section and this really makes be loose a huge amount of time.

Is there any tool to go from one component to a linked one ? I mean follow the connection and zoom close to the connected component ?

I use a lot telepathy plugin to avoid those wires spread all over the window it would be nice if it had a feature like the one mentioned


Select a component and press ctrl+left arrow or crtl+right arrow depending on where you want to go.

You can also use the magnifying glass or map icons in radial menu.

Lastly, you can set up zoom nodes (I think they are called zoom, dont have a computer at the moment) which have a start and end to zoom wherever you want.

I’m no Grasshopper expert, but I would have thought it would be helpful to be able to draw a ‘lasso’ around a collection of components and give the lasso line a title. You could then have a saved view type of panel that would allow you to zoom to the extents of each lasso group. You could have overlapping lasso’s and turn visibility of them on and off.

If you drag a component around that is currently inside a lasso line it would automatically adjust the lasso to ensure the component is kept inside the line.

For all I know, something like this may already exist so apologies if that is the case.

You can setup views


Sure, that’s most of what I was talking about although I guess my idea is potentially a bit more dynamic

Thanks, this is very helpful and almost what I was searching for