Request for category separation

I would like to see Rhinoscript and Python (scripting) have their own category, separate from Developer. There are an awful lot of scripters out there who do not consider themselves developers… This would be an advantage for most (IMHO):

  • Scripters would not have to wade through posts on C++ development if
    they didn’t want to and vice-versa
  • People like me can more easily
    find and respond to scripting related questions (something I can’t do
    for developers) leaving more time for McNeel people to work on more important stuff
  • People new to scripting would perhaps be a bit more
    comfortable if they are not getting mixed in with developers and
    blocks of C++ code

Anyway, just a thought, since all this is now in gestation…


Ciao Mitch
I am Vittorio. How are you? I’m trying to use this new tool, although I prefer NG. I’m agree with you that Rhinoscript and Python (scripting) have their own category.
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Ciao Vittorio

Ciao Vittorio,

Benvenuto !

Yes, you can upload any image you want!


I’m still toying around with that idea. In exact words, what do you think the category should be called?

Dunno… Is “Scripting” too general and non-descriptive?

That was the term I was thinking of too. I really don’t want to create too many categories on this site, but this case may make a lot of sense. I’m really concerned about fracturing things too much if we start making too many categories. On the upside, we can always change category names and move topics to different categories.
@brian do you have an opinion on this?

“Scripting” is fine with me. I am hesitant to invite more forums (rhino.python for example) until we have decided that this forum is an adequate NG replacement. If most people here want to bless it before July 4, we can accelerate the transition.

There is now a “Scripting” category. Post away

Thanks Steve. Scripting category is Ok.
Ciao Vittorio