Request: Build-in interface to a sparse solver


I would like to propose to integrate an interface to BLAS and a sparse solver in Rhino.

For numerical analysis I include MKL in Rhino. That works quite well so far. Since the MKL runtime is quite big, I have to offer it via a separate plugin in the YAK package manager. I also need different packages for Windows and Intel-Mac.


  • I have noticed that e.g. Karamba, also uses MKL. Since both plug-ins now deliver their own MKL, there is a risk that two different versions will come into conflict.
  • Rhino 8 for Mac will support Apple CPUs. Apple provides a SparseSolver as well as BLAS for the new architecture. It would be nice to have a unified interface to access different backends for Windows, Intel-Mac and Silicon-Mac.
  • It seems that there are several people (certainly only a small part of the Rhino community) who do numerical calculations in Rhino and could benefit from this interface.

Therefore an official interface to BLAS/SparseSolver might be useful. Of course, I would also be happy to receive other suggestions for solutions.