Repousse you say?

Done with Grasshopper.


Can you make more plans (better closer)?

@Modeler3D Not sure if you just wanted some other views, but here’s the top.

Okay, it looks interesting, although the edges are somehow uneven.

Is this Rendered mode?

Yes it is Nathan. I initially tried Cycles, but for some reason the shadows in the gold retained a strong red hue that didn’t disappear under the iterations. In this case, Rendered looked much better. When it comes to rendering, its always hit or miss with me. Wish I had more of a groundwork.

I’d like to check your model if you can share the 3dm with me.

If I attached it to a Message, would it just get to You, You and only You, or is there some better way?

A private message will do - you can also use /upload with as recipient I’ll have then a look at latest in two weeks when I am back in the office.