Repositioning the gumball of current selected objects programmatically?

Is this possible and if so how can I get access to the gumball settings of the current selected objects?

I don’t think so. Gumball is not accessible from the SDK. That decision that was made long before I touched gumball code. You can relocate the gumball with GumballRelocate command, so you can always script that.

Thanks @mikko
I know I can script it this way, and this partially works for the position. What my aim is, is to position the gumball at one of the corners (of bounding box) and have the scale handles scaled to the size of the bounding box.
As far as I know there is no command available for setting the position of the scale handles. Could this functionality be added? It would help to quickly scale things based on corner position and size of the object(s) bounding box.

@Gijs , I added SetScaleHandles option to GumballRelocate command. It will make it possible to script the scale handle lengths without breaking any existing uses of GumballRelocate. The new option should be available in a near future V7 service release.

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@mikko Thanks thats great!