Replies not updated on page


Recently I’m experiencing an issue I did not have previously.
If I reply to a topic and hit Reply The page is not updated with my reply.
I need to refresh the page for my reply to show up. Previously this was almost instant.
Waiting longer might update the page automatically but I’ll have to test that with some more patience.

Anyone else found this change in behavior?


replying in my own post to see response time
EDIT: of course this was an instant update … i’ll check with replies to other threads

Let me try…

Edit: Works instantly here

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I noticed that too and yes, it is confusing.
Let’s see what happens now…
works, as expected :wink:

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I’ve noticed that occasionally too. It would take as much as 30-60 seconds to update. Couldn’t go on to the next post until it did update. I put it down to too many people trying to use discourse at the same time. I wondered whether it was all of discourse being overloaded or just the McNeel or Rhino part.