Replicating tensile silk/spider net behaviour

Hello Everyone,

I am working on an architectural project which will be based on ropes in tension.
below is a diagram of what i would like to replicate in kangaroo. Ideally, the strings/ropes would be in tension, but allow for a bit of elasticity (as in physical experiment) so that the string becomes longer with more pressure. I have attached my first try GH attempt, but it is not working as the pull line disconnects from the polyline. I would be really grateful for any advice. :slightly_smiling_face: thank you!

PULLING THE STRING my aim|690x393

red line is polyline, green is separate line which is supposed to pull.

after decreasing length line and plugging into kangaroo the two curved disconnect. Note: anchors are the 3 outer points

201126 pulling the (30.9 KB)

Thank you!!


just like in nature

Maybe you should make 3 lines instead of a polyline

You can try this: (15.8 KB)

You can change the strength of the strings or the number of strings.
As you will see, by keeping the strength same and varying the number of pulling strings yields different results.

It is to be noted that we are copying the behavior but not simulating it. It can’t be simulated accurately unless one knows the exact relationship between the strings, for example:

  1. Pretension in the spider silk
  2. Cross-sectional size of the spider silk
  3. Young’s modulus for the spider silk