Replicating Ground Plane with RhinoScriptSyntax

What rhinoscriptsyntax command(s) can I use to replicate the default ground plane that Rhino adds to a model? I tried AddPlane and AddSrfPt but I’m not able to get the same borderless surface that the ground plane looks like in the render. I don’t care if it’s a surface or something else. All I want is to NOT resort to using rhinoscriptsyntax.command(’_gvVRayAddGroundPlane’).

If you are using V-Ray, you may have to, as I don’t have any idea how they represent their ground plane.

@matt_newberg, is this something you can help with?

Thanks @Dale. As it is, I figured out a workaround for this particular problem. I used a rs.LastCreatedObjects to get the ID of the ground plane surface. I’m still looking for a solution to this question though: How to assign Material to objects Without User input. Is that something @matt_newberg has any ideas on?

We have no way to create a VRay infinite plane via our current Rhinoscript interface. I would suggest running the command visInfinitePlane. I know other users are able to script running the said command (and/or the import command) with no issues. If you are having an issue running a command via rhinoscriptsyntax maybe it would be better to address that.

If are looking for help with gvVRayAddGround plane maybe it would be better to contact Gemvision about the issues you are having since that is a command written and supported by Gemvision.

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