Replica chair modeling

Hi, everyone i try to model chair by drawing the outline shape to make surface with patch command, but it’s looks like i missed something !

replica_chair.3dm (244.7 KB)

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Hi @ahmed.mahmoud.hd
For something this complex, I’d go with either multiple surfaces (seat, back, sides) blended together or go with Sub-D modeling, which is perfect for this type of geometry. There is not enough control in the Patch command for something with curvature that precise. Also, depending on what you need the model for, there’s like a gazillion 3D models of that specific chair out there. If it’s “just” for rendering purpose, I’d go with one of them. If it’s a modeling exercise, I’d stay away from Patch and focus on Loft, Sweep2 and BlendSrf instead.
HTH, Jakob


NURBS modeling is not about drawing some outlines and somehow magically “patching” them. See the Level 1 and 2 training guides.


If you look up Subd chair from Kyle Houchens. He has a nice video of a similar chair. It will give you a start.—-Mark


Yeah I agree…. Great place to start

thanks my friend I get it

I had a crack at that chair as an exercise a few years ago. There’s a summary of the process on the link above. It wasn’t the easiest form to model, especially without a physical chair next to me to check as I went.

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