ReplayHistoryResult is missing SubDs

we are doing a command that uses history so we implemented the ReplayHistory virtual method and we were looking for ReplayHistoryResult.UpdateToSubD() but there is no such method. I am missing something or is the method not implemented?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @Alberto,

Oddly, RhinoCommon has an internal ReplayHistoryResult.UpdateToSubD method that was just never exposed. I’ll see that this is made available.

– Dale

Thanks, this is a blocker for us at the moment as our users would like to use history with the SubDs but have no mean of doing it.

The Rhino 7 Service Release 18 Release Candidate has just been released with a fix for RH-68005.

Thanks a lot, we will keep an eye on it as soon as 7R18 hits so that we can implement that