Replacing old graphics card with new one into older computer to work rhino v6 and freeform

hi… pc systems novice. I have a pc running windows seven with an i7 processer i ve had this pc for few years but speed wise its super fast. I run freeform software with the haptic arm also on my pc. I have a quadro fx3800 nvidia currently on the machine. The fx3800 runs everything smoothly however its not had drivers released for it since 2016 . Rhino v6 does nt open on my pc only v5. And freeform also says its unable to load gl arb shader object function pointers which I think is also a graphics card thing and also inadequate hw to run glsl shading please try updating your driver . Freefrom software recommend only a few types and models of graphics card so my choice is limited.

I hope this is all making sense so far!

I went on chat site for nvidia and they asked me the mother board code and all other stuff systems wise to see if a new Quadro p2000 (freeform approved) would fit and they came back with a yes it would so I bought one and have its now here. I am fearful of fitting it myself really but thought maybe be brave!

Anyway I took side off machine to have a little look at the custom machine i had built a while ago now,I ve no idea what i am looking at really but theres a box with 950 power supply which looks hopeful to run it.

However it tells me instructions to before fitting delete the old driver for the current card and fit the new one in. I was hoping that if anything meant it did nt work I could easy just pop the old one in and have it the same as now.

still with me? … long text hey : anyway after taking the side of machine off the old card has a socket at the back not sure if thats power or not its at the end near the fan i ll attach a picture !

The p2000 has no where to recieve this socket which is concerning so I ve currently put the new one back in the box!

Wondering once youve all stopped laughing if anyone can advise what the socket is into the back of old one and if new one works with out these connectors?

maybe I need to take it to pc shop but its my work pc and need it everday really!

massive thanks.

just an update. so i contacted nvidia and the good news is the socket is no longer needed as its powered now by the board itself. I ve installed and all powered up okay and drivers incl new ones all installed i think. My freeform no longer has alert boxes when opening so great! The bad news though is my rhino v6 is nt opening now. I am not sure how much space on hard drive it requires to open as think only got 19gb available as getting full. its a split hard drive with software one side and work on the other.

think its crashing because lack of space however rhino v5 opens fine, thanks

Hi @robin,

try to open Rhino 6 in safe mode, there should be a link in your start menu. If it opens up, run the command _SystemInfo then choose SaveAs... and post the results here. If it does not run in safe mode, you might try a repair or re-install of RH6.

btw. 19gb should be enough, i have less space available and it runs, even with a display card which is a decade old.


Sounds like a driver issue. Try to do a full uninstall of the old nVidia driver and then download the latest Quadro driver and install that too with the “clean install” option on (if possible).